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Giveaway Time

This week I got to know Ana Cristina Gluck - a Brazilian book author owner of Little Gringo.
Little Gringo is an American company dedicated to creating educational children’s books in Portuguese. The company was founded by Ana Cristina, a Brazilian Mom determined to teach Portuguese to her Little Gringa!

I approched Ana Cristina asking if she would like to giveaway a Collection of her books and she jumped right in! Yaay! Thank you Cristina! You rock!

Along with this awesome collection of books you can also win a free Mini Session in my studio! (winner must be a fan of Luciana Justice facebook page to claim free Mini Session prize).

Winner will be announced at the end of the month at Luciana Justice facebook page and Little Gringo facebook page.

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Christmas Sessions are in full swing!


Newborn Photography: Baby Christian

It's Fall Y'all! and this week I had the pleasure to photograph another cutie pie!
There is still time to book your fall session! Drop me a line for more info!


Newborn photography: Baby Marina

And another beautiful baby, little Marina captured my heart with this image.


Fall Mini Session are open!


Little Lucas

This afternoon I went to little Lucas' home to for his first photography session.
I photographed him when he was in his mom's belly and how fun it is to get to see the babies you have photographed in Maternity sessions!


Newborn Photography - What is the ideal age to photograph a newborn?

What is the ideal age to photograph a newborn?

If you've considered a newborn photography session, you may have noticed how most photographers advise that the shoot should take place as early after birth as possible. "I conduct all newborn sessions during the baby's first seven days of life,". "The reason we encourage parents to photograph their newborn during his/her first week of life is primarily due to their sleepiness. Once they get older - even at four weeks of age - they are much more alert, stay awake for longer amounts of time and become more restless and less manageable. But since we really want to capture them all curled up and sleepy, we must photograph them as soon as possible after birth,"!


Maria Carolina & Leo. He's 2 and he can shoot!

Today Maria Carolina came with her son Leo to my Studio for a Mother's day mini session. Leo is 2 years old and 8 months. He was a bit shy in the beginning but towards the end of their session I invited him to help me to photograph his mom. He didn't think twice! and he did it; he held the camera firmly and pressed the shutter!

He took a picture of his mom and proudly showed it to me when looking at the screen in the back of my camera. I know ... it's not in focus, it's not straight, but it was done by him, a picture of his mom! What a great mother's day gift that is. I loved it, and I had to proudly share it in my blog. 


Francine & Malu <3

Mom & daughter's love. We're already celebrating mother's day at the Studio!


Spring Flower

It has been a blast to photograph baby Nicole. She's 10 months old and she's getting ready for her first international trip to Brazil, her mom's home country (and mine too!).

Just love her smiles & giggles. Cute spring flower!


Mother's Day Photo Session 

Early Mother's Day Special! So often the Mommy's are behind the camera taking photos of their family and end up not having any photos of themselves with their children. So, on April 20, I will be doing mini sessions for Mom and child(ren)! Limited availability.


Our last Easter Mini Session was a blast!

Yesterday we had our last round of Easter Mini Sessions; beautiful kids, happy smiles, chocolate, colored eggs, cute little bunnies and painted faces! Easter has always been an exciting time of year for me.

Thank you to each one of you who stopped by our studio. We'll be posting about our next Mini Session promotion soon!


Pet Photography

Last week I was contacted by Beverly Smith, the owner of Make a Tail Wag pet boutique, asking me if I could make her some dog hair bows. If you know me well you would not be surprised at all with this offer. And yeah, I loved the challenge! Not only did we make them, we bathed/groomed our furry boy, and photographed him! Hey, I'm a stay home mom - we can do it all by the grace of God!

It was a quick and fun project! If you have an idea in mind, and would like to see it in a photo, let's chat about it. I'll be glad to take the challenge and I'll be honest about being able to execute it or not.

Here is one of the 10 images we created for Make a Tail Wag pet boutique


Photographing Families

Whether photographing a small family or huge family, I love creating a timeless family treasures.
We understand that a family portrait is one image that will be displayed and cherished for many years to come.

My goal is to be creative and compose a fun and beautiful shot for you! here is one of the images we created this weekend with our Mini Sessions promotion:


The Engagement Photo Session Process

Planning a wedding can be a lot of work. Once you’ve set the date, reserved a location and invited all the guests, there is often still an overwhelming amount of planning to do. However, finding a great wedding photographer should make the process easier and a whole lot more fun.

The engagement photo session is a great way to try out your chosen photographer, and be sure that you will ultimately be happy with your wedding photos. After all, these images will be treasured for a lifetime and should only be entrusted to the best. Also, spending a day with your photographer is a great way to get to know them and vice-versa. This established rapport will allow you to feel much more relaxed on your wedding day and to know what to expect.

Typically, your photo session would take place at a location of your choosing that is important to you as a couple. You can choose a place that reflects what you like to do together, the place you met, or some other special place.

The actual day of the engagement photo session is meant to be enjoyed and is your time away from the stressful job of wedding planning. It is your opportunity to be yourselves and truly enjoy each other as a couple.

Once your photo session is complete, your engagement photos will be viewable online within approximately four weeks. You will then have the option to download your digital negatives as well as order prints.


Ideas on Choosing The Right Locations for your Engagement shoot

  • Where you first met
  • Where you had your first date
  • A restaurant, coffee shop or any other location that you frequent as a couple
  • A really cool looking landscape or skyline that's near by
  • A location with lots or bright and vibrant colors
  • A location that would be the last place that you would think of getting your engagement photos taken, like an abandoned warehouse or old junkyard

River Oaks: Mirella & Colby Hanks Wedding, my first solo wedding.

On Sunday April 29th Mirella Biessenberger and Colby Hanks got married at River Oaks. It will be a wedding I'll always remember not only because it was filled with beautiful moments but also because It was my first solo wedding as the main photographer (most of my work has been second shooting for established photographers in Lafayette).

Mirella is originally from Brazil, Colby is American. They incorporated a unique idea I thought it would be interesting to share with you, the newest "wedding fever" in Brazil: Toss the frog!

Brides choose to toss a stuffed Prince Frog instead of their beautiful flower bouquet.
The meaning behind is simple: the lady that catches the frog kiss it to find her handsome prince. Just like in a Fairy tale!

 And the single ladies who didn't catch the frog are given a Santo Antonio, the matchmaker saint, with the promise to be the next to get married soon. Isn't it an interesting and unique tradition?

Congratulations to a beautiful couple. Wishing you a wonderful journey as you build your new life together.


LFT Airport - Ruslan Comeaux Senior Pictures

Had a blast with Ruslan Comeaux Senior Pictures! He asked me about making some images around some cool cars, I asked him back what about if I can arrange a day for us to make a photoshoot at LFT Airport having a cool jet as a background? His eyes popped wide open and I knew he loved the idea (so did I)

Super Thanks to Bob Sandberg and Jimmy Justice for working out all the details and making it happen.

Here are some images of Ruslan's Senior Photoshoot:


Self Portrait


I took this picture this morning at the studio while waiting for my clients - Can you tell I really have fun and love what I do?!



Food Photography series


From all carefully sliced red onions, this left over piece captured my eyes. And after shooting it, it became my favorite!


This is what my husband wrote on his facebook wall last night: (love his sense of humor)
"Luciana, who is now into food photography, sent me to Albertson's this evening to buy a red onion, kiwi fruit, lemons and limes for a photo shoot. Was told they needed to be as flawless as possible. Not a problem! But, when I actually got to the store and started digging for the most photogenic produce, it occurred to me that I might appear a tad obsessive. Was just waiting for one of the many people there to come tell me, "Dude, it's a friggin onion." Likely Walmart at 3 am for my next run..."




Food Photography - Jon Soileau: Personal Chef & Consultant

Last week I was approached by Jon Soileau a Personal Chef Consultant here in Lafayette, LA about photographing some of his creations. Because I have never shot food before I had to do some intense homework to learn how to light such small subjects. I still have a LOT to learn but I like these two images I was able to put together.
And by the way, if you're food stylist pleeease drop me a line! Need your professional help asap!